About Us


To give you the best smoking alternative - for the best price we can. We have been open since 2006, for over 15 years our customers have been smoking and vaping our products. Consistency and awesome customer service is what we aim for.


Keep smokers from getting frustrated and going back to harmful cigarettes, we do this by selling you the right vape items and refills. More importantly being there for you when you need us.


15+ years ago, as smokers hoping for an alternative to regular cigarettes, we worked hard to test vape liquid / e-juice and how the various heating elements work inside of a cartomizer refill. Now, all these years later, we have a unique perspective on smoking options that help smokers make better choices.


Include all the hardware, accessories and refills for you to continuously have a positive vaping experience for the right price. With a bundle (carton) you will save a bundle, cigarettes are so expensive compared to SmartFixx cartomizer refills.