Cartomizer Refills Packs - Best Deal: Buy 8 Packs- Get 2 Free


OUR MOST POPULAR DEAL:  "BUY 8 PACKS GET 2 FREE" = 10 PACKS (a carton) for $80.

Your SMART FIXX electronic cigarette has 2 parts.

- The rechargeable battery (long white part) and

- The cartomizer refill (shorter beige tip). The product on this page is these refills.

Each pack of SmartFixx refills contains 5 catrtomizer refill tips.

Each cartomizer refill is approximately equal to a pack of regular cigarettes.

The "BUY 4 PACKS GET 1 FREE" deal is: A half a carton (5 packs x 5 cartomizers = 25 cartomizers). 

The "BUY 8 PACKS GET 2 FREE" deal is : A full carton   (10 packs x 5 cartomizers = 50 cartomizers).


Here is how the refill cartomizer works: As the word "cart-omizer" refers to a CARTridge that holds liquid smoke juice which is mixed with nicotine & the second part is a heating element called an atOMIZER. When you puff, the atomizer part will heat up a bit and turn a drop of the liquid from the cartridge part into a vapor. That is what you inhale and smoke. It works very nicely. Best of all - it is not a regular cigarette (feel free to insert a cough here :-) 


REFUND IN FULL IF NOT SATISFIED: Buy with confidence, if for any reason at all, you do not like smoking SMARTFIXX - please give us a call or text us and we will tell you how to send back the leftovers and we will refund you the full purchase price.