Cartomizer Refills Packs - See "Description" Section Below for July 2023 Changes



Red Light Tip Battery (4081 thread) vs Blue Light Tip Battery (510 thread) 

Until recently we had two e-cig battery and chargers paired to two different thread patterns. The older 4081 thread which has a Red Light Tip and the newer 510 thread which has a Blue Light Tip. The Blue / 510 is what is currently available on the site, as we were getting compliments on these Blue Tip ones, so we are now only offering them on our site. However, to use the Blue Tip (510 Thread) cartomizers that pair up with the Blue Tip Battery you will need new batteries and corresponding chargers. SmartFixx will provide these at no charge, and we will send you 2 batteries and 2 Direct USB chargers at no cost to you for your first "Blue Tip" carton ordered, so you are able to continue smoking. We hope this clarifies the questions out there about this.



OUR MOST POPULAR DEAL:  "BUY 8 PACKS GET 2 FREE" = 10 PACKS (a carton) for $80.

Your SMART FIXX electronic cigarette has 2 parts.

- The rechargeable battery (long white part) and

- The cartomizer refill (shorter beige tip). The product on this page is these refills.

Each pack of SmartFixx refills contains 5 catrtomizer refill tips.

Each cartomizer refill is approximately equal to a pack of regular cigarettes.

The "BUY 4 PACKS GET 1 FREE" deal is: A half a carton (5 packs x 5 cartomizers = 25 cartomizers). 

The "BUY 8 PACKS GET 2 FREE" deal is : A full carton   (10 packs x 5 cartomizers = 50 cartomizers).


Here is how the refill cartomizer works: As the word "cart-omizer" refers to a CARTridge that holds liquid smoke juice which is mixed with nicotine & the second part is a heating element called an atOMIZER. When you puff, the atomizer part will heat up a bit and turn a drop of the liquid from the cartridge part into a vapor. That is what you inhale and smoke. It works very nicely. Best of all - it is not a regular cigarette (feel free to insert a cough here :-) 


REFUND IN FULL IF NOT SATISFIED: Buy with confidence, if for any reason at all, you do not like smoking SMARTFIXX - please give us a call or text us and we will tell you how to send back the leftovers and we will refund you the full purchase price.